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Dr. Rogers' Peer Reviewed Chapters in Books

Rogers, J. David, 2014, The American Engineers Who Built the Panama Canal; in Bernard G. Dennis, Jr., Ed., Engineering the Panama Canal: A Centennial Retrospective, ASCE Press, Reston, pp. 112-349. DOI: 10.1061/9780784413739.005

Kemp, G.P., Willson, C.S., Rogers, J.D., Westphal, K. A., and Binsalem, A.S., 2014, Adapting to Change in the Lowermost Mississippi River: Implications for Navigation, Flood Control and Restoration of the Delta Ecosystem; in "Perspectives on the Restoration of the Mississippi Delta: The Once and Future Delta," Springer Science, Amsterdam, pp. 51-84.

Rogers, J. David, 2009, Overview of post-flood surveys of the Upper Mississippi River Valley in the summer of 2008, pp. 40-46 in Robert E. Criss and Timothy M. Kusky, eds., Finding the Balance between Floods, Flood Protection, and River Navigation, Saint Louis University, Center for Environmental Sciences. Online:

Proctor, R.J., Rogers, J.D., and Hatheway, A.W., 2007, Saluting Some of the Outstanding Pioneers of Engineering Geology in Southern California: in History of the Association’s First 50 Years, Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists 50th Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, pp. 91-105.

Rogers, J. David, 2007, The 1928 St. Francis Dam Failure and the 1995/2005 La Conchita Landslides: The Emergence of Engineering Geology and Its Continuing Role in Protecting Society: in Guptill, P.D., Gonzalez, T., eds., 2007 Guidebooks for Field Trips, AEG 50th Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, pp. 79-198.

Rogers, J. David, 2005, Water and Environmental Security in the Middle East: Chapter 25 in Studies in Military Geology and Geography; eds. Douglas R. Caldwell, Judy Ehlen, Russell S. Harmon: Kluwer Academic Publishers, Springer Science and Business Media, Rotterdam, pp. 291-303.

Rogers, J. David, 1998, Hydrocompression and Hydroswell - New terms in the geotechnical dictionary: in J.W. Borchers, ed., Land Subsidence Case Studies and Current Research: Association of Engineering Geologists Special Publication No. 8, pp. 119-147.

Clark, B.R., Jibson, R., Rogers, J. D., Larson, R., and Lindvall, S., 1997, Analysis and Mitigation of Earthquake-Induced Landslide Hazards, Chapter 5 in Guidelines for Evaluating and Mitigating Seismic Hazards in California: California Division of Mines and Geology Special Publication 117, pp. 19-34.

Olshansky, R.B., and Rogers, J.D., 1992, Chapter 3-The Concept of 'Reasonable Care' on Unstable Hillsides: GSA Reviews in Engineering Geology (9);23-28. DOI: 10.1130/REG9-p23

Rogers, J. David, 1992, Chapter 10-Recent Developments in Engineering of Landslide Corrections: Reviews in Engineering Geology (9):95-118. DOI: 10.1130/REG9-p95

Higgins, C.G., Coates, D.R., Baker, V.R., Dietrich, W.E., Dunne, T., Keller, E.A., Norris, R.M., Parker, G.G., Pavich, M., Pewe, T.L., Robb, P.R., Rogers, J.D., and Sloan, C.E., 1988, Landform Development, Chapter 42, in Back, Rosenshein and Seaber, eds., Hydrogeology: Geology of North America, Vol. O-2, Geological Society of America, Boulder, pp. 383‑400. This chapter was expanded into GSA Special Paper 252, and selected for the E.B. Burwell Award of the Geological Society of America in 1995.

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