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High School and College Years

High School Years
High School Years (1968-72)

A keen interest in physical processes and geologic hazards was cultivated by my outdoor experiences with the Boy Scouts.  During high school I started my own Scout troop and eventually rose to the rank of Eagle Scout.

Mt. San Antonio College Years (1972-74)
Mt. San Antonio College Years

In the spring of 1972 I became fascinated with exploring the deserts of southeastern California.  This shows me standing on an International Scout on the northern margins of Kelso Sand Dunes, using my binoculars to look at something.  We were following the Old Government Road from Fort Mojave on the Colorado River (north of Needles) to Barstow, CA, along the same path used by Mountain Man Jedediah Smith when he explored California in 1826 and '27.

Cal Poly Pomona Years (1974-76)
Cal Poly Pomona Years

In June 1974 I enrolled in the first summer field geology course offered at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, taught by Professor Larry Herber (back row, extreme left).  I relished the challenge, and it turned out to be the best course I took in 10 years of college.  I am in the first row, second from right, wearing a green Cal Poly ball cap. 

U.C. Berkeley Years (1976-82)

From Sept ’76 to May ’82 I was enrolled in graduate study of geological and geotechnical engineering at U.C. Berkeley.  This is a picture of Davis Hall, home to Berkeley’s civil engineering program, of which I was delighted to be a part.  My desk was at the extreme left end of the group of large arches, with a terrific view.

U.C. Berkeley Years
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