January 1, 2023

Hajiani, Payman, Anderson, Neil, and Rogers, J. David, Attenuation and Time-Delay Analysis of Surface Waves to Detect Subsurface Tunnels, Manuscript SPR068 accepted for publication by Signals Processing Research on Mar 16, 2017, second draft submitted on April 10, 2017...

July 20, 2017

Rogers, J. David, and Barrelier, Manuel H., 2017, Gatun Dam – Megastructure of the Panama Canal (EEG-1935). Environmental & Engineering Geoscience 23, final acceptance for publication on May 30, 2017.

Ahmed, M.F., and Rogers, J.D., Ismail, E.H., 2017, Correlations betwe...

July 20, 2017

Research Contracts as a Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator

“City Utilities Utility Waste Landfill Detailed Site Investigation: Proposed Missouri S&T Geophysical Work Plan.” Funded by City Utilities of Springfield, MO.  Program for the term July 16, 2014...

July 20, 2017

Rogers, J. David, 2017, On AEG’s 60th Anniversary: The Origins of the Association and the Certification of Professional Geologists: AEG News 60(1):6-7.

Rogers, J. David, 2015, Hales Bar and the Pitfalls of Constructing Dams on Karst, Sinkholes and the Engineering and En...

July 20, 2017

"The Genesis, Properties and Significance of Fracturing in Colorado Plateau Sandstones," Ph.D. dissertation, Geological Engineering, Univer­sity of California, Berkeley, 706 pages, May 1982.  Major field advisor Richard E. Goodman.

"Shallow Creep Measurements on Landsli...

July 20, 2017

De Araujo, Rafael and Rogers, J. David, 2015, Topographic Landslide Hazard Mapping in the Bobonaro District, Timor Leste, for the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars, Washington, DC, 5 February 2015.  

J. Day, C. Bailey, D. Batker, S. Bentley, J. Cab...

July 20, 2017

Galloway, G.E., Brockett, P.L., Cutter, S.L., Ford, D.T., Goodwin, C.Q., Jacoby, K.M., Maurstad, D.L., McCann, M.W., McDonald, A.D., Nance, E.A., Potter, K.W., and Rogers, J.D., 2013, Levees and the National Flood Insurance Program: Improving Policies and Practices. Co...

July 30, 2014

Rogers, J. David, 2014, The American Engineers Who Built the Panama Canal; in Bernard G. Dennis, Jr., Ed., Engineering the Panama Canal: A Centennial Retrospective, ASCE Press, Reston, pp. 112-349. DOI: 10.1061/9780784413739.005  http://www.asce.org/templates/publicati...

August 1, 2013

Rogers, J. David, and Grote, Katherine, 2017, Lessons learned from the 1986 Linda Levee failure, Geo-Risk 2017: Impact of Spatial Variability, Probabilistic Site Characterization, and Geohazards, Eds. Jinsong Huang; Gordon A. Fenton; Limin Zhang; and D. V. Griffiths. A...

June 1, 2013

Rogers, J. David, 2017, William Mulholland: Father of the Los Angeles Municipal Water Supply System: World Environmental & Water Resources Congress 2017: pp. 394-409.


Rogers, J. David, 2017, Who designed the ill-fated St. Francis...

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“Theory is the language by means of which lessons of experience can be clearly expressed.”

- Karl von Terzaghi -

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